jessica simpson dating history

Jessica simpson dating history

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Who is Jessica Simpson Dating? | Relationships Boyfriend.

In 2002, Nick asked Jessica Simpson to be his missus with a pear-shaped diamond with what appear to be pear-shaped side stones.

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After Simpson and her family went to see Romo play for the first time in November 2007, things moved pretty quickly – he even kissed her on their first date!

John Mayer loves making headlines with his word choices, and his latest interview doesn't disappoint. He's featured in the March issue of Playboy , continuing the trend he set last month in Rolling Stone by talking all about his past relationships and personal life. John shared about sex with ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson , as well as a great deal about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston and their continued fond feelings for each other. He said :

“He is the polar opposite of what you think of when you say ‘player,’ ” says the NFL source. “When I met him, he was driving a Prius when other athletes were driving gas-guzzling cars.”

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